Patient Questionnaires

Table of contents:

Artful use of questionnaires can help you make the most of brief appointment times. Use them for new patients, assign them as homework between visits. . .

This toolkit includes general Intake Questionnaires for adults, children and adolescents, as well as an adult spanish intake questionnaire.

There are Dietary Questionnaires to get an overview of peoples' eating habits, designed for different literacy levels. Use them for initial assessment, or for ongoing record-keeping.

There are also Specialized Questionnaires for suspected hormonal, environmental, and other issues, and a symptom diary to assist patients with the detective work to discover what factors contribute to their symptoms.

The Wellness Series -Comprehensive, Brief, and Ultra-Brief- can be used to meet the needs of various situations. For example, if a patient is already in the waiting room, you may want to use the ultra-brief inquiry form, which can be completed in a few minutes. The Brief and Comprehensive forms include 3-day diet diaries which are (ideally) completed well in advance of a visit.