Mindbody Patient Materials

Table of contents:

Overview Materials:

Prescribing Meditation - Handout on general suggestions for starting a meditation practice

Stress Management Techniques PDF - Handout with a variety of suggestions for relaxation practice

Specific Techniques

Breathing Technique Patient Handouts - These are core skills for many of the other techniques which follow

Mantra meditation Handouts - suggests multiple options for mantras as well as general instructions for meditating using a mantra

Guided Imagery Handouts - A useful technique for relaxation but also for guiding the body's internal resources toward healing.

Mindfulness-based Patient Handouts materials include an overview as well as specific mindfulness exercises for chronic pain, introducing mindfulness in daily activities.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Handouts - Therapy Materials include information on cognitive distortions from David Burns (I recommend his books Feeling Good and When Panic Attacks for patients dealing with depression and anxiety, respectively.)

Communication- Handouts are best used in a group setting or with a couple.

Gratitude - The Gratitude Journal has been one of my most powerful 2-minute interventions with patients struggling with depression, grief, and chronic pain.

Online and CD resources:

Relaxation CD Full Circle - link to recordings used for our chronic pain groups. These are homemade - feel free to use them to burn CD's for your patients, or to make your own.

http://www.mindfulnesstapes.com/ Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn�s mindfulness meditation tapes

http://www.guidetopsychology.com/pmr.htm Guide to progressive muscle relaxation

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/yoga/MM00650 5 Yoga poses for stress management

http://www.taichinetwork.org/ Connecting students with teachers in the area.

www.youtube.com Search for meditation, relaxation, guided visualization or yoga. Keep sifting through until you find what you like and then bookmark it so you can revisit.

Also check out recordings on the web for relaxation techniques: search for guided imagery, relaxation, etc. or try the downloads at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~healthed/relax/downloads.html

http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/files/webfm-uploads/documents/outreach/im/module_meditation_patient.pdf Handout on types of meditation

CDs: Breathing: the Master Key to Self-Healing (Andrew Weil)
Relieve Anxiety (Steven Gurgevich), also Deep Sleep (Gurgevich)