Functional Medicine

Table of contents:
Functional Medicine is a science-based approach. It emphasizes systems function/dysfunction over ICD-10 diagnosis. It also emphasizes the healing partnership. By addressing underlying/root causes, it can save money and improve health outcomes for our clients.
Important elements include:
1. Promotion of health as a positive vitality, not just the absence of symptoms
2. Respect for Biochemical Individuality
3. A dynamic balance of internal and external factors
4. View of health and illness as manifestations of web-like interconnections of physiological factors e.g.
immunological dysfunction can provoke cardiovascular disease
gastrointestinal dysfunction can cause hormonal and immunological disturbances
5. Patient-centered medicine

Scholarships Available

We are grateful to collaborate with The Institute for Functional Medicine who have offered scholarships for clinicians serving the underserved to participate in their CME courses. We encourage people to attend AFMCP(Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) first, as it is foundational. For many, the information included in AFMCP may seem difficult to apply in underserved settings: we have videos from a recent IM4US conference with information on translating this material to lower-resource settings and are happy share the links to those materials with those who are given scholarships to the AFMCP and other IFM courses.
Schedule for upcoming IFM courses
Apply here:
IFM/IM4US Scholarship application

IFM Scholarships are available for practitioners who would be eligible for certification by IFM:
If your credentials are not included in this list, contact us at connie at to discuss other routes for learning and applying functional medicine in your clinical practice.