Exercise Patient Handouts

Table of contents:

Exercise History - Questionnaire for assessing exercise habits and goals

Exercise-Movement PDF - Handout on identifying exercise that is enjoyable, simple and fun.

Goal Setting for Exercise - handouts are useful for helping patients identify their motivations for exercise and what form of exercise they are likely to be adherent to. There is a place at the bottom for them to record a goal. I hand it out with the exercise log, which has a sample line starting at literally 5 minutes.

Exercise Log - excel spreadsheet that can be customized with goals as well as allowing tracking of exercise

Chair Exercises - handout is for strengthening for people with limited mobility or balance issues.

Indoor Exercise Options - Local resources for indoor exercise when the weather is bad

Handouts for water exercise:

AiChi Postures - Handout with pictures of some simple postures for balance and relaxation
Lower extremity exercises – illustrated handout with leg exercises for the pool
Noodle Exercises – Noodle exercises for the pool
Walking in water - Illustrated instructions for walking in water and abdominal strengthening as well as leg strengthening in the pool
Water walking program - Water walking program for the pool

Check out Videos of exercises for low back pain from Alex Zaphiris, MD