Childhood Obesity Teaching Materials

Table of contents:

Childhood Obesity Powerpoint Link

Handout for Childhood obesity lecture

This is a general childhood obesity training powerpoint for residents addressing the evidence-based interventions (whole family intervention, non-diet, addressing 5-3-2-1-0 or fruits and veggies, structured mealtimes, screen time, active play and sweetened drinks.) The material at the end is bonus, i.e. only if time allows, and the slides on endocrine disruptors are my personal paranoid theory, with only a limited amount of data supporting the connection.

The next pages are templates for planned visits for evaluation of childhood obesity, screening for various complications, identifying lifestyle elements where change would be beneficial, and coaching the resident in facilitating goal-setting.

Healthy Lifestyle Progress Note - templated visit note for evaluation of the overweight or obese child

Healthy Lifestyle Follow-up Visit - templated note for follow up visits