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Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee is responsible for developing partnerships, collaborating with interested organizations, raising funds, marketing, identifying conference sponsors and funding projects, soliciting, stewarding, and building relationships, and developing narrative to demonstrate mission value.

Education Committee

The Education and Training Committee is responsible for planning and soliciting the development and presentation of educational materials for:
1. Patient Education
2. Provider training
3. Administrative training and implementation
This will include multimedia patient education materials, including multilingual and low-literacy patient education materials, durable material on the website for provider clinical training and administrative training, and the scheduling of learning opportunities, to include the annual conference and possible webinars or regional trainings. This committee will also facilitate mentoring and one-on-one training through a Speakers’ Bureau and the sponsoring of forums on the website.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee is responsible for increasing membership and determining member benefits. Tasks around increasing membership are setting rates, recruitment, soliciting feedback, polling, and marketing. Potential member benefits would be an events calendar, website access, networking opportunities, conference discounts, and access to forums and media.

Multidisciplinary Committee

The Multi-disciplinary Committee (MDC), and IM4US more broadly, aim to reduce financial, language, and other access barriers to integrative clinical care. Through building collaborations with holistic health care providers and partnerships with community-based organizations and medical institutions, the MDC promotes diverse perspectives in all aspects of IM4US. The MDC is comprised of practitioners from a variety of modalities that: advise and participate on the IM4US board; support conference organization; and create multimedia educational materials – all to further the vision of accessible integrative health care for all.

Policy Committee

The objectives of the IM4Us Policy Subcommittee are:

• To identify and engage potential stakeholders and partners in advocating for policies at the local, state, and federal levels that promote the inclusion, use of, and reimbursement for interdisciplinary integrative health care services especially as it relates to underserved populations.
• To update the original IM4Us White Paper and promote the idea that based on health outcomes data, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility, integrative health care should be considered the standard of care.
• To create a clearinghouse of resources on best practices, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of integrative health care which can be used by IM4US members to affect policies at the clinic, local, state, and federal levels.
o Examples where members may take advantage of this:
 A clinic that wants to incorporate group medical visits but needs support on how to start them, as well as how to make the case to their administrators.
 An organization advocating for the inclusion and reimbursement of home birth on a particular state's Medicaid plan.
 An organization advocating the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) for the inclusion and reimbursement of naturopathic physicians on a federal level.

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