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Our Activities

IM4US was an interest group formed at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference in 2009.

We have grown to be a more inclusive and diverse organization of faculty and community care providers and administrators, including MD's, DO's, naturopaths, acupuncturists, nurses, dieticians, and others who are passionate about bringing integrative medicine to all patients, regardless of setting. This is medicine that needs to come out of the boutique and spread to the streets.

In addition to this website, we conduct:
  • A yearly conference, held in the Bay Area 2011-2013, and in Portland OR 2014, and Boston in 2015. This will be in California at Irvine in August 2016.
  • Monthly Conference Calls - currently on hold, but could be resurrected if a facilitator steps forward.
  • Outreach to other organizations: IFM, AHMA, STFM and others

IM4US Board Members on a hike in Santa Cruz during January 2014 retreat
IM4US Board Members - Retreat - January 2014