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Elimination Diet Food Sensitivity

Elimination diets are the most reliable and accurate way to diagnose food sensitivities, and also the most economical way to approach this. This is well within the reach of even the poorest patients, and can be tremendously effective in treating difficult symptoms.

Elimination Diet PPT - A brief overview on the approach to implementing an Elimination Diet

Food Sensitivities and Elimination Diet PPT - A review of some of the literature documenting the link between food allergies or sensitivities and various conditions, followed by instructions on implementing an elimination diet.

A wide variety of medical problems have been shown to be related to food sensitivities:
Gastro-intestinal tract
GERD, eosinophilic gastroenteritis
Diarrhea, FTT
Constipation (60% unexplained constipation in infants is CMA)
Atopy: ~1/3 atopic dermatitis have cow