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Childhood Obesity Patient Materials

Healthy Weight for Kids PDF

The habit inventory is given to patients and their parents at check-in.

Habit Inventory Habit Inventory in Spanish

The numbered handouts are coded to the questions on the Habit Inventory.

The Goal Sheet - setting your kids up for success is used with almost all families, and then the other handouts as indicated by their answers on the habit inventory and during our interview.
Setting kids up for success spanish

The Indoor Exercise Options is written for our area, but I included it as an example of how to collect these resources for any area to present to patients.

1 Indoor exercise options Indoor Exercise Spanish
1F Active play for families - Handout recommending strategies for increasing activity as a family
2 Turn it off - Screen time reduction ideas
3B breakfastgopower
3H Healthy Meals Together - Handout supporting eating meals together as a family
3P Healthy Portion Sizes Portion control in Spanish
5 NutritionTips - General Handout reviewing breakfast, drinking water not soda, portions, healthy snacking, etc.
5S snackattack - healthy snack ideas for parents
5V kids eat more fruits and veggies
D DrinkThink

Websites for kids to visit:

http://fit.webmd.com/default.htm - fit from WebMD, with separate areas for kids of different age groups

http://kidnetic.com/BrightPapers/?c=For&p=69 - Kidnetic Website - Has games, recipes, and educational materials for kids (target is ages 9-12) and parents.

http://www.cspinet.org/smartmouth/index1.html - Smartmouth - a fun website for kids to learn more about nutrition (animated, kid-friendly)

http://www.bam.gov/ - Body and Mind