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Using this Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for teachers and practitioners of integrative medicine working in underserved settings.

Materials are divided into teaching materials (for teaching students and residents) and materials for use with patients.

The toolkit is organized under broad categories:
1. An overview to learning, teaching and practicing integrative medicine in underserved settings
2. Modalities, from nutritional medicine to mindbody to manual medicine
3. Diagnoses and organ systems
4. Practice systems - strategies to use in your practice to facilitate implementing these techniques despite time and budgetary constraints
5. Advocacy, Empowerment, and Administration - larger systemic issues. including food access, administrative issues in health care systems, our national illness care system, and so on.

These broader categories are divided into a variety of smaller subjects - PLEASE READ THE PAGES ON THE WAY TO YOUR FINAL TOPIC, as there are pearls and useful resources found on many of these intermediate pages.