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Resources for Patients

Books and websites we recommend for patients

General self-care

The Spectrum by Dean Ornish

Taking Charge - guide for patients to make a self-help plan

Healing Chronic Disease - Multimedia consumer education website with information on Heart Disease, Diabetes and Chronic Pain

HabitForge.com - website that allows people to register for a reminder e-mail and the ability to track their progress on a behavior change they decide to make

Food and Diet

Eat Drink and Be Healthy, Willett and Skerritt

Eat to Live by Fuhrman

The Fat Resistance Diet by Galland

Everyday Cooking with Dean Ornish

Oldways Pyramids - traditional diet pyramids

Pacific Northwest Anti-inflammatory cookbook

DiseaseProof - Blog site emphasizing research-based nutritarian approach; reviews recent findings on nutrition related to various diagnoses

For Pain

Managing Pain Before it Manages You by Margaret Caudill

My Pain Management
This website includes relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, visual imagery, written expression and more.

Approaches to Chronic Pain
Another website for chronic pain, including self-care techniques, self-assessment tools, educational info and more. There are two other modules for heart disease and for diabetes.
[http://healingchronicdisease.org/es/chronic_pain/index.html|Nuevos enfoques para el Dolor Cr