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Resources for Learning Integrative Medicine

IM4US.org � toolkit for teaching and practicing IM with the underserved


� Textbook of Natural Medicine, 3rd edition, by J Pizzorno, Jr., ND and M Murray, ND
� Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 10th edition, by Maurice Shils, MD
� Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 4th edition, by M Micozzi, MD
�Nutritional Medicine, by Alan Gaby
Textbook of Functional Medicine, from the IFM
�Integrative Medicine, David Rakel Available on MD Consult


� The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (www.townsendletter.com)
� Life Extension Magazine (www.lef.org)
Integrative Medicine, a Clinicians' Journal (http://www.imjournal.com/)
Alternative Therapis in Health and Medicine (http://www.alternative-therapies.com/)

Continuing Education

� American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) www.acam.org
� Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) www.functionalmedicine.org
� American College of Nutrition (ACN) www.acn.org
� American Academy of Environmental Medicine www.aaemonline.org
� American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) www.A4M.org
� Integrative Medicine Consortium (IMC) Imosaic Conference www.kintera.org
�UM IM conference �every two years
�Food as Medicine � Center for Mind-Body Medicine
�University of Arizona � Nutrition Course and others
�American Board of Holistic Medicine
Homestudy Courses - Bastyr University

There is a nice compilation of resources compiled by the Center for Health and Healing at Medical Education

Audio Programs

� Wright Gaby Nutritional Seminars www.wrightgabynutrition.com
� Jeffrey Bland�s Functional Medicine Update (and past Functional Medicine Symposia recordings)
www.jeffreybland.com � Health Talk (Dr. Ronald Hoffman)
www.worradionet.com , iTunes � ACAM on iTunes, ACAM app

Drug-nutrient Interactions

� Drug-Nutrient Workshop by Leo Galland www.nutritionworkshop.com , http://pilladvised.com/
� NHI On Demand www.nhiondemand.com/ interactions.aspx
� EpocratesRx www.epocrates.com
� Medscape Drug Interchecker www.medscape.com
� Interactions Guide by Mitchell Bebel Stargrove, www.InteractionsGuide.com.

Useful Integrative Websites

This site includes powerpoints and presentations organized by condition and system.

Taubman Medical Library�s CAM page
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Natural Standard Database
UM Healing foods pyramid www.nutritionsource.org
�Clinical Pearls: www.clinicalpearls.com
� Arbor Nutrition Guide: www.arborcom.com
� International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (IBIDS) Database: www.ods.od.nih.gov/ Health_Information/IBIDS.aspx
� Dietary Supplement Information Bureau: www.supplementinfo.org
� Healthnotes: www.healthnotes.com
� NutraUSA: www.nutraingredients-usa.com
� Rosenthal Center (Columbia Botanicals): http:// www.rosenthal.hs.columbia.edu/Botanicals.html
� Vitamin D Council: www.vitamindcouncil.org
� Nutrition in Medicine: http://www.med.unc.edu/nutr/ nim/

Top Nutrition Journals

� American Journal of Clinical Nutrition www.ajcn.org
� The Journal of Nutrition www.nutrition.org/ publications
� Journal of the American College of Nutrition www.jacn.org
� Alternative Medicine Review www.thorne.com
� The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, www.liebertpub.com

Online Modules and Teaching cases

Overview of Complementary Therapies and Healing Practices � University of Minnesota
Aromatherapy � University of Minnesota
Asthma Module - from the University of Michigan
Botanical Medicine - University of Minnesota
Breast Cancer Care and Prevention - University of Wisconsin
Chiropractic � University of Minnesota
Cholesterol - University of Wisconsin
Craniosacral Therapy � University of Minnesota
Culture Faith Traditions and Health � University of Minnesota
Depression - This is a link to an online course entitled, �Integrative Approach to Depression� from the University of Michigan
Depression - Depression module from the University of Wisconsin
Diabetes - Integrative Approach to Insulin Resistance & Diabetes Type 2 from the University of Michigan. The course details specific alternative approaches to control blood sugar, including supplements, and stress reduction methods.
Dietary Supplements � Boston University
Environmental Medicine - University of Arizona
GERD - University of Michigan
GERD - GERD module from University of Wisconsin
Grief - from the University of Wisconsin
Guided Imagery - University of Michigan
Headaches - University of Wisconsin
Healing Touch � University of Minnesota
Hypertension - University of Wisconsin
Clinical Hypnosis � University of Minnesota
Hypothyroidism - University of Wisconsin
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - University of Wisconsin
Manual Medicine - University of Michigan
Massage - University of Michigan
Massage � University of Minnesota
Meditation - Uninversity of Wisconsin
Meditation � University of Minnesota
Menopause - University of Michigan
Overview of Mind-body Therapies and Practices � University of Minnesota
Music Therapy � University of Minnesota
Nutrition - Nutrition module from the University of Michigan
Osteoarthritis - University of Wisconsin
Osteopathy � University of Minnesota
Osteoporosis - University of Wisconsin
Prayer � University of Minnesota
Prenatal Care - University of Michigan
Reflexology � University of Minnesota
Reiki � University of Minnesota
Spirituality in Healthcare � University of Minnesota
Traditional Chinese Medicine � University of Minnesota
Yoga - University of Minnesota

NCCAM � Video lectures on a variety of topics including Herbs and Dietary Supplements, Acupuncture, CAM and Aging, etc.

From the 2013 Conference:

Integrative Med. Curriculum for Medical School & Interprofessional Ed., Armaity Austin MD & Patricia Lebensohn MD
USC Keck School of Medicine University of Arizona IHELP Online Integrative Health Coaching training