Recipes can be helpful when encouraging patients to make specific changes. There are helpful recipes in many locations on the web as well. Check out Oldways.com for some in English and Spanish.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Full Circle Pain Recipes - Recipes for the Pain Program from Full Circle - general instructions for a whole foods diet for chronic pain, with sample recipes and tips on cooking techniques for ease and low cost

Fermented foods

Yogurt - Recipe for homemade yogurt from the IMF GI conference. It can save money and also increase the colony count of probiotics to make your own.

Soy yogurt - link to great online recipe for soy yogurt

Stewed Healing Apples - Prebiotic blend to go with fermented foods or probiotics

Foods for specific conditions


Chicken Soup - High collagen chicken soup for spondylosis and osteoporosis

Low glycemic Recipes for diabetes, polycystic ovaries, etc.

PCOS Blaster Muffins - Buckwheat muffins for PCOS and insulin resistance - from soulcysters.net

Kabuli Chana Dal - A very tasty staple with chana dal, a low glycemic legume available from Red Bob's Mill if you have difficulty finding it. Replace some of the red pepper with black pepper to improve the bioavailability of the curcumin.

Low Glycemic Breakfast Ideas Low Glycemic Breakfast Spanish - Suggestions for low glycemic breakfast including cooking directions for buckwheat and Quinoa hot cereals

Low GI Recipes - Additional low glycemic recipes


Avocado Chocolate Pudding
Healthy Lifestyles Smoothies - smoothies for kids to help get in some extra fruits and vegetables
Hidden Vegetables Spanish Verduras Occultas - Recipes for hiding vegetable purees in other foods. Check out The Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious for more ideas.
The Sneaky Chef Stovetop Lasagna and Pumpkin muffins (with half the sugar replaced by stevia) were a hit with kids in our program. English recipe Spanish version - the puree recipes are found above

Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas - Suggestions for whole foods snacks that are quick to put together
Healthy Light Sack Lunches
Baked Kale Crisps
Dip RecipeDip and Smoothie Recipe Spanish - Recipes for low fat dips (and a fruit and veggie smoothie in Spanish version)
Healthy Sandwich Fillings
Wrap Recipes - Recipes for healthy wraps