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Overview Mindbody Materials

Overview Materials:

Prescribing Meditation - Handout on general suggestions for starting a meditation practice

Stress Management Techniques PDF - Handout with a variety of suggestions for relaxation practice

Specific Techniques

Breathing Technique Patient Handouts - These are core skills for many of the other techniques which follow

Mantra meditation Handouts - suggests multiple options for mantras as well as general instructions for meditating using a mantra

Guided Imagery Handouts - A useful technique for relaxation but also for

Mindfulness-based Patient Handouts materials include an overview as well as specific mindfulness exercises for chronic pain, introducing mindfulness in daily activities.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Handouts - Therapy Materials include information on cognitive distortions from David Burns (I recommend his books Feeling Good and When Panic Attacks for patients dealing with depression and anxiety, respectively.)

Communication- Handouts are best used in a group setting or with a couple.

Gratitude - The Gratitude Journal has been one of my most powerful 2-minute interventions with patients struggling with depression, grief, and chronic pain.

Online and CD resources:

Relaxation CD Full Circle - link to recordings used for our chronic pain groups. These are homemade - feel free to use them to burn CD's for your patients, or to make your own.

http://www.mindfulnesstapes.com/ Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn