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Mindbody Medicine Overview

Mindbody medicine addresses the complex reality of physical illnesses in human beings, that the Cartesian dichotomy of mind vs. body rarely applies and most illnesses feature contributions from both.

Difficult patient cases: imbalance in the bodymind - Talk by Ray Teets on diagnostic uncertainty, relationship-based care, framing the discussion of somatization, and more

The tools of mindbody medicine offer us a way to approach the suffering experienced by many of our patients, whether we perceive their illnesses as primarily physical, primarily somatization, or as is most common, a combination of the two. There are two principle issues in teaching this material to residents:

1. Persuading them that these techniques are powerful enough to be worth using.
MindBody Medicine Overview Powerpoint
This presentation reviews the physiology and some of the studies showing mindbody interventions may be more powerful than statins in secondary prevention of heart disease, can decrease postoperative complications, improve chronic pain, and so on.

We strongly recommend experiential teaching (mindful raisin eating, abdominal breathing instruction, gratitude, etc.) as well - many of the materials in the Mindbody Medicine Patient Materials are appropriate for this.

2. Empowering them to use and teach these techniques with confidence and in the context of a brief office visit.

This Powerpoint (with accompanying Handout) reviews some of the same data as above but focuses on practical interventions and recommendations that fit in a brief office visit.

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