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Hidden Sources of MSG

Hidden Sources of Processed Free Glutamic Acid (MSG)
The MSG reaction is a reaction to free glutamic acid that occurs in food as a consequence of manufacture.
MSG-sensitive people do not react to protein (which contains bound glutamic acid) or any of the minute
amounts of free glutamic acid that might be found in unadulterated, unfermented food.
These ALWAYS contain MSG:
GlutamateGlutamic AcidGelatin
Monosodium glutamate Calcium caseinate Textured Protein
Monopotassium glutamate Sodium caseinate Yeast Nutrient
Yeast Extract Yeast food Autolyzed yeast
Hydrolyzed protein Hydrolyzed corn gluten Natrium glutamate

These OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing:
|| Carrageenan| Maltodextrin| Malt extract
Natural pork flavoring| Citric acid | Malt flavoring
Bouillon and broth| Natural chicken flavoring| Soy protein isolate
Natural beef flavoring| Soy sauce| Soy sauce extract
Stock| Barley malt| Soy protein or concentrate
Whey protein concentrate/isolate| Pectin| Protease enzymes
Natural Flavors(s) and flavoring(s)| Anything enzyme modified| Anything fermented
Seasonings (the word