Guided Imagery Handouts

Intro to Guided Imagery - Safe Place is a script for the patient to make their own guided imagery recording. I recommend they read it through, edit it for the features that appeal (indoors vs. outdoors, smells and sounds they want to suggest, etc.), add specific metaphorical imagery related to a health problem (untying a knotted rope, pulling weeds in a garden, dipping in a healing pool), and then record it in their own voice to use on a regular basis.

Additional variations:

Guided Imagery with an Inner Healer - A meditation for connecting with one's deeper intuition or Inner Healer

Guided Imagery with a Pain Object - A meditation allowing dialogue with the pain to identify its meaning and allow it to transform through healing

Guided Imagery with Healing Light - A healing imagery using colored light

Imagery for Healing - Guided imagery script to visualize healing

There are free recordings of guided imagery available at Wexner Imagery Recordings