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General Group Visit Materials

These are some samples of general materials for group visits addressing issues like confidentiality and expectations about the groups, as well as examples of templated notes.

Specific materials for pain management groups can be found at Chronic Pain Management Group Visits.

STFM Group Visit Presentation - presentation on group visits given at STFM by Onna Lo

Group Visit Preconference- General presentation on group visits from the 2012 conference Jeffrey Geller, MD, Connie Basch, MD
Worksheet and timeline - borrowing liberally from multiple sources

Group Visit HIPAA form in English and Chinese
HIPAA Group Waiver - Another example of a HIPAA Waiver to participate in group medical visits
Group Appointment Confidentiality Agreement

Templated encounter note samples:
Diabetes Group SOAP Note Updated
Every Class - Group Visit Questionnaire
Wellness Assessment for Group - Wellness self-assessment with recommendations for various elements of self-care

Geller Presentation on Group Visits - temporarily unavailable

POEM Manual for Pediatric Group Visits on an Empowerment Model - temporarily unavailable