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Chronic Pain Patient Resources

Table of contents

IM4US Resources

SELF MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC PAIN.docx PDF Version - handout with some suggestions for management of musculoskeletal pain

There are many useful patient materials in the group visits section of this topic, in Mindbody Patient Materials as well as under specific conditions, such as Arthritis.

Image IM4USneckpainHandout - handout on managing Neck pain from Taryn Lawlor DO and Suhani Bora MD from the 2015 conference

Videos of exercises for low back pain from Alex Zaphiris, MD

Some useful additional resources for patients with chronic pain include:

Web Resources

Another website for chronic pain, including self-care techniques, self-assessment tools, educational info and more. There are two other modules for heart disease and for diabetes.
http://healingchronicdisease.org/es/chronic_pain/index.html in Spanish

A website with information on a variety of painful conditions, though the writing style is technical and seems to be aimed more at practitioners than patients

Living in Color - a website with a variety of resources and tools for managing pain

Pain Management Tools from the ACPA - Articles and videos for "moving from patient to person"

Materials from Full Circle Healing Groups - handouts and initial video from Healing Groups for chronic Pain at the Full Circle Center

Physical activity

Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn