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Cancer Patient Materials

Prostate Cancer and Nutrition Handout

There are a number of helpful resources for patients who are dealing with malignancy. Some of our favorites are:

The Journey Through Cancer - Jeremy Geffen
Love, Medicine, & Miracles - Bernie Siegel
Kitchen Table Wisdom - Rachel Naomi Remen

Video on Prevention of Cancer

What next : blog for people to connect and share their experiences regarding cancer and treatments info on treatments
Imermans Angels - one on one peer support
Care Calender : – on line calendar to organize and schedule help for people with medical issues
Lotsa Helping Hands - allows people to let friends/family know what they need
My Life Line : online way to connect with family and friends

Legal and financial assistance:
Patient Advocate Foundation: http://www.patientadvocate.org – individual advocates for patients, bill assessment and help filing claims, state by state directory of resources
Cancer Legal Resource Center: http://www.disabilityrightslegalcenter.org/about/cancerlegalresource.cfm – The CLRC has a national, toll-free Telephone Assistance Line (866-THE-CLRC) where callers can receive free and confidential information about relevant laws and resources for their particular situation. Members of the CLRC's Professional Panel of attorneys, insurance agents, and accountants can provide additional assistance.
Patient Access Network Foundation: https://www.panfoundation.org – financial assistance for people who meet certain poverty criteria with certain kinds of cancers
Co Pay relief: http://www.copays.org
Co Payment Assistance Foundation: http://www.cancercarecopay.org
Cancer in the family relief fund: http://www.cancerfamilyrelieffund.org/Success.html - provides small funds for family members of patients with cancer for things like vacations, ballet classes etc.
Partnership for prescription assistance: http://www.pparx.org
Financial self empowerment tools:
Simplee – https://simplee.com/ - simple way to track and pay medical bills
Give forward –http://www.giveforward.com - online fund raising tool
Med gift – www.medgift.com – gift registry for patients to register for things they need (ex: wig)

Resources for young adults with cancer:

Embodiworks - website with patient-friendly educational resources

MD Anderson Complementary Integrative Medicine Education Resources

Sloan Kettering Herbal/Botanical Information - fairly conservative information about options

Food for Breast Cancer - This resource links to many articles on diet and breast cancer. Caution because they often post in vitro information without clarifying the limitations of such information