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Rx to Reduce Inflammation

Rx to Reduce Inflammation

Rx to reduce Name: DOB:

inflammation Address:

? ?Omega-3 Fatty Acids, by increasing fish consumption &/or using fish oil supplements.

? ?Reduce the three worst pro-inflammatory foods in your diet:
1) _ 2) 3) _
? ?VEGETABLE and fruit consumption, and EAT THE RAINBOW!
? ? White and high glycemic foods
? ? Eating organic foods (as possible)
? ? Hydration, especially with non-caffeinated and low glycemic fluids
? Choose healthy oils: olive, canola, avocado, tree nuts and tree nut butters
? Avoid trans-fats and partially hydrogenated fats
? Include protein, carbohydrate, and healthy oils in every meal

? Answer the question: What stresses me out the most? __
Change your lifestyle to reduce those specific stressors.
? Try the following interventions:
___ say no
___ take time for yourself
___ connect with others – visit with friends
___ connect with nature – take a walk
___ laugh
___ forgive yourself and others
___ try a news and electronics fast
_ other: ___

? Try out one or more stress reducing practices, choosing the one or ones that fit for you:
___ meditation
___ breath work
___ qi gong or tai chi
___ guided imagery
___ biofeedback
___ progressive muscle relaxation
___ self hypnosis
___ yoga
_ other: _